Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Music Turns Obnoxious

You know, today I had an interesting thought....I am a fan of music, I like all types of music. I will even admit to listening to my rap music a little loud.....HOWEVER, I would like to post signs in every parking lot that is adjacent to the place I spend most of my time attempting to get an education. Yes, this would be at UAMS, where one may also find very sick people, people who need their rest. My sign would read (in a Jeff Foxworthy type of parody):
"If you're sitting in your car and the people who are walking by start to trip over themselves and yell at you because they can't even hear themselves think--you're music might be too loud.
If you're standing 100ft. from your car and you can still hear the music playing as if you were right next to your car--you're music might be too loud.
Or if I'm walking past your car and all of a sudden I hit the ground screaming "drive by!" because the music you're playing just sounded like someone sprayed a whole round of bullets at me and I'm a football field away from you--you're music might be too loud."
Come on Lil' Scrubby, Big' Pappy or Yung Ol' Dude! Cut that stuff out when you're on your break, in the parking lot of the place they have deemed to be "Where Medicine Lives." Hello?? What's the point? Who are you trying to impress? Turn your music OFF and get back to WORK so I don't have to keep paying for your Medicaid. Oh, and pull your pants up off your ankles, you're setting a bad example for your 10 kids. Thanks.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Dynamics of My Household....Who's The Boss?

Life on the Rodney Parhams is interesting these days to say the least. Between my 3 year old Dakota, now 14 week old Darbi and 25 year old sweetie, things get pretty hectic. Taking turns is not only necessary to avoid going crazy, but necessary so that I get as much sleep as possible on my days off (which are limited). Zach is wonderful about this though, even at trying times when Darbi wants to get up at 6 a.m. and play. She does not fully grasp the idea of "sleeping in," nor does she appreciate being put on a leash to go outside. If it were up to her, she'd love to play in the middle of Rodney Parham all day long. Dakota takes the "big brother" role and quickly puts the little one in her place when she's doing a little bit too much biting or barking. He doesn't tolerate her attitude and only tolerates her playfulness in the smallest doses. For the most part though, they get along as brothers and sisters do. Zach and I agree that even on the worst of days, these two can put a smile on our faces. Neither one of us can stay in "grinch" mode when they are around, especially when the greet us with that eager attitude and playful smile! For those of you who have a dog or any other animal, you know what I mean. For those of you who are considering getting a dog, but haven't taken that leap yet, jump my friend! It's a rewarding experience, trying at times, but the majority is filled with laughter!

Hello Techy World!

So, thanks to the wonderful friends I have (see picture above), I too have joined the Blogger world and the Twitter world. I just couldn't resist, considering it's the best means of communication that we girls can get together with our busy lives! I am excited about it though, it's going to be a new challenge for me! I've already struggled with setting it up, but have no fear, I'm all about pushing the help button! Lol! Thanks ladies! I hope to write on here often, and I enjoy reading about all of your stories and daily happenings! It's fabulous! I miss you all!!